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We have been providing internet solutions since 1993. At that time our company did not provide hosting services so we were forced to refer our clients to non affiliated companies. The level of service that our clients received was not up to our standards.  In 2005 we began offering a superior hosting service to our clients. The support and reliability we offer has proven to be the key factor in our ability to be a competitive force in the ever growing hosting market.

Network / Data Center:

Our servers are provided by The Planet and the datacenter is located in Houston, Texas. It is staffed 24/7/365. There are multiple OC48 SONET fiber rings that provide basic connectivity to eight access carriers. The datacenter is completely redundant, including a 2200 gallon backup diesel generator. There are over 580 smoke detectors throughout the 35,000 square foot facility, with a VESDA contaminate system.



• Cisco Certified Network

• Juniper M20 Border Routers

• Cisco 6500 Series Distribution Routing Switches

• Cisco 6500 Series Aggregation Switches

• 100% Uptime SLA utilizing HSRP/BGP


Building Fiber

• OC48 SONET Ring - SBC

• OC48 SONET Ring - Time Warner

• OC48 SONET Ring - XO Communications

• OC48 SONET Ring - MCI

• OC48 SONET Ring - Looking Glass

• OC48 SONET Ring - Broadwing



Backbone Carriers

• 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - Global Crossing

• 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - UUNET

• 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - AT&T

• 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Level3

• 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - AboveNet

• 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Savvis

• 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Time Warner

• 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Private Peers



• T3 and T1 Access - EPGN

• T3 and T1 Access - SBC

• T3 and T1 Access - Time Warner

• T3 and T1 Access - XO Communications

• T3 and T1 Access - MCI



The Planet takes network reliability and performance to the next level with security. We maximize protection by adding Tipping Point, Cisco Guard and Arbor Peakflow to help protect you from attacks that could be detrimental to your business. The Planet combines cutting-edge security technology, best practices and a team of certified senior level personnel to help ensure that your business enjoys industry-leading security. We also provide our customers a full spectrum of customized security solutions.



     Your site will have a 99.9% uptime. If we fail to deliver we will refund you!